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Intestinal Microbiota Gut Screening

Intestinal Microbiota Gut Screening

Gut Screening: in-depth analysis of the intestinal flora

Performing an in-depth analysis of the intestinal microbiota through Gut Screening allows the assessment of the state of health of the intestine on which much of our physical well-being depends.

It should be considered that when the intestinal content is stored incorrectly (constipation) or passes too quickly (diarrhea) it induces the production of toxic substances which are absorbed and enter the circulation. Autointoxication, a process that begins in the digestive tract, is one of the main causes of the onset of many chronic and degenerative diseases. Gut Screening is currently among the most in-depth and complete analyzes capable of providing important indications on recurrent and unresolved pathological conditions.

When to do a thorough investigation of the intestinal microbiota with Gut Screening

Diarrhea, meteorism, malabsorption, reflux problems, fibromyalgia, asthenia, chronic fatigue, hormonal disorders, headaches, joint and muscle pain, asthma, allergies, immune disorders, are among the most common symptoms related to intestinal toxemia, i.e. a progressive process of intoxication due to a suffering condition of the intestine. In the presence of these symptoms, for preventive purposes and for subjects suffering from autoimmune pathologies, inflammatory bowel diseases, chronic colitis, dermatitis, irritable colon, cystitis, constipation, digestive disorders and gastritis, the indications provided by the Gut Screening are precious allies of the doctor for direct the course of care.

On which sample the Gut Screening is performed

Gut Screening is a test performed on stool sample.

What pathological indications does the in-depth investigation of the intestinal microbiota carried out with Gut screening provide?

The sample delivered or sent to our Val Sambro analysis laboratory in Bologna is monitored and evaluated for eight days. During this period it is subjected to various cultures which aim to identify any protozoa, helminths, fungi and bacteria, both pathogenic and overgrown. This research phase is completed, for the convenience of the process, in 5 sections, each of which is fundamental in terms of diagnostics and therefore of the therapeutic path to be undertaken.

Following the identification of the pathogen, through the Antibiogram and Mycogram, indications on the most effective antibiotic/antifungal are obtained, through the Aromatogram, indications are obtained on therapy with specific essential oils.

Benefits of treatments based on the results obtained from Gut Screening

Perform the analysis of the microbiological part and the digestive part of the intestinal microbiota through Gut Screening - which our Val Sambro analysis laboratory performs first in Italy -

it can provide important indications for a correct therapeutic, nutritional, nutraceutical and behavioral strategy to successfully deal with many diseases.

In fact, maintaining the balance of the bacterial ecosystem in the gastrointestinal tract means effectively contributing to the preservation of a good general state of health.

Three different types of Gut Screening to satisfy even the most complex research needs

In-depth analysis of the intestinal microbiota through Gut Screening can be performed in our laboratory, in three different versions based on the patient's conditions and investigation needs.

Research, technological innovation, cutting-edge methods and highly specialized personnel: how Gut Screening was born in our Val Sambro analysis laboratory in Bologna

We were the first in our laboratory to introduce Gut Screening, i.e. the microbiological analysis of the intestinal microbiota as an investigative approach for the treatment of chronic and degenerative pathologies.

The human body metabolizes nutrients in different ways, between intermediate and final products, there are often highly toxic substances that can induce cellular degeneration and necrosis.

Our diet, combined with the bacterial composition of the intestinal flora therefore play a fundamental role in our health. With this awareness, we strongly wanted to introduce this type of test into our analysis laboratory in Bologna, due to the decisive role of the information that can be obtained in the treatment process of many pathologies that seriously affect the quality of life of patients.

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