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Terms of purchase


The company Laboratorio Valsambro Srl, with headquarters in Via Cairoli n. 2, Bologna, in the person of its legal representative, registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna REA BO 344234, Tax Code and VAT number. no. 01546951201, fully paid-up share capital: Euro 10,400.00
email address or PEC, hereinafter referred to as “the Supplier”

Given that:

a) The Supplier manages the platform (hereinafter “Site”) for the sale in Italy and abroad of kits for autonomous and home collection of biological samples to be subjected to diagnostic examination.

b) the term “Site” means the reserved area of the website through which the meeting between the supply and demand of the products indicated in point a) takes place and it is possible to conclude the purchase and sale contracts electronically;

c) the trademark and logo relating to the Site are the exclusive property of the supplier;

d) the Site is intended exclusively for commercial transactions (B2C) between the company and the consumer;

e) purchases on the Site by members are governed by the general conditions of sale in the following clauses;

f) the sales contracts will be concluded upon access by the user to the reserved area of the website corresponding to the LINK dedicated to commercial transactions and following the procedures indicated;

h) the general conditions apply only to relationships that have arisen or will arise by means of and within the Site;

Given all of the above, the following is agreed and stipulated:


In the context of this membership agreement the following terms have the meaning specified below:

a) the expression “Supplier” refers to the Valsambro laboratory company, part of this contract, which manages the site of the same name, selling the products indicated in the following point directly to interested members;

b) the expression “Products” refers to kits for the collection of biological materials with the relative instructions for use and shipment to obtain the diagnostic report, which can be purchased on the site and which are displayed online on the site by the Supplier;

c) the expression “Member” or “Buyer” refers to the users who, by adhering to this contractual regulation, have access to the Site and are interested in closing contracts for the sale of the products indicated in point b);

d) hereinafter the Supplier and the Member may be jointly referred to as “parties”;

e) the expression “Site” refers to the website corresponding to the address through which the Site can be accessed;

f) the expression “Services” or “Products” refers to the services that the Laboratory makes available to the user, for a fee;

g) the expression “Information Services” refers to the information services that the Laboratory offers free of charge through the site;

h) the term “payments” refers to the fee paid by the user for the purchase of the Services and marketed products;

i) the expression “Personal identification tools” refers to the tools aimed at identifying each user, such as “user ID” and “password”, which the Laboratory will provide in order to allow access to the site in execution of this contract;

k) the expression “reserved area” of the Site indicates the space where members interested in purchasing products can access the site.

l) the expression “log” refers to the electronic register of connections to the Site made by users, managed by the Laboratory through SWD GROUP SRL, based in BOLOGNA, Via Barbacci n. 5 VAT number no. 03257851208, ASP and hosting service provider.


The Valsambro Laboratory and the buyer who enter into the Contract by following the procedure indicated on the Site are Parties to the Sale and Purchase Agreements, in relation to the reserved area of the “” Site.

With this contract the parties intend to regulate:

the conditions of purchase through the Site by the Purchasing User;
the relationships and commercial transactions between the Supplier and the Purchaser concerning the Products/Services offered on the Site;
the payment conditions for the services provided by the Supplier to the Member.
The sale only concerns the Products indicated in the appropriate sections of the Valsambro laboratory website – electronic catalogs – directly by the buyer.

The Products covered by each particular contract are those established by the Parties in the offer, in the order and in the order confirmation, or, in any case, in the communications that the Parties have put in place in order to reach the conclusion of the Contract.
The Products, Services, their type and quality, as well as the agreed quantity, methods and date of delivery of the kit, packaging and any other specific condition negotiated by the Parties are indicated in the offer, in the order, as well as in the instructions delivered to the buyer.

The Parties declare that they have carefully examined, before signing the Contract, all the documents that preceded its conclusion. In any case, reserved access to the site will allow the buyer to keep track of the orders placed and any invoices charged to the buyer.


By signing this contract, the Member commits to fully comply with the membership conditions for the entire term of validity of the contract.

The Supplier expressly reserves the right to proceed with the verification of compliance with the purchase conditions and request further information from the Purchaser.

If the membership conditions are not respected by the Member at the time of stipulation of this contract or after – or if the Member makes false declarations regarding the same – the Supplier reserves the right to terminate this contract with immediate effects, except in any case the right to compensation for damages.

The Supplier assumes no responsibility for compliance with the conditions referred to in the previous point by the Member, reserving the right to propose any legal action that will be considered appropriate in the event of non-compliance of the contract.

In particular, the Supplier reserves the right to take legal action against the Member where false statements made by the Member cause or may cause damage to the Supplier, the Site or third parties.


The connection to the Site takes place through access from the telematic network, through the connection to the site This connection is operational every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

To correctly view the pages of the site, this minimum configuration is required: If this minimum configuration is not respected by the Member, the Supplier will not guarantee correct access to the Site and its services.

The user acknowledges that the Supplier is not liable for any damage, direct or indirect, that may arise to the Participant as a result of failure to adopt the minimum configuration required in the previous paragraph.

The website is fully managed by the company LABORATORIO VALSAMBRO SRL through a hosting contract with SWD GROUP SRL, which is responsible for assistance, except for any case of force majeure or in any case independent of the direct responsibility of third parties or internal to Valsambro who have accessed the site.

The execution of maintenance operations that will prevent the connection will be promptly communicated by the Supplier to the Member, except in the case in which interventions are necessary which, due to their particular urgency, do not allow the aforementioned notice to be given.

The costs of connection to the telematic network, as well as those relating to computer equipment, telematics, software programs and any other tool or means necessary to connect to the Site, are to be paid entirely by the Member.

The Contract stipulated through the site is understood to be concluded when the buyer receives the order confirmation via e-mail, with a communication following the automatic and order summary e-mail, with which the Laboratory accepts the order sent by the buyer and informs him that he can proceed with its execution , according to times and modalities that are not and cannot be estimated in advance, which will be followed by the shipment of the report.


Access to the site takes place via electronic link to the site.

Each Member-purchaser will access the Site using only user IDs, passwords and any additional personal identification tools provided by the Supplier, upon request for online registration whereby access credentials are sent separately for user security reasons .

In particular, the Supplier will provide the Member-purchaser with a password with an e-mail message welcoming them to the reserved area. Once these identification tools have been obtained, the Member will change them immediately after the first access, then reiterating these changes at least quarterly.

The Member is fully aware of the fact that knowledge of personal identification tools by third parties could allow them access to the Site, the conclusion of contracts and other operations in the name of the Member, as well as access to all the news, information and data present on the Site itself. Therefore, the Member commits to keep the aforementioned tools secret, using them in compliance with all the indications in this regard established by the Supplier.

The Member is responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, deriving from the knowledge and use of personal identification tools by third parties or outsiders.

The Member commits to immediately replace the password in the event of its loss or theft , as well as soon as the member learns that third parties have become aware of the same and/or the user ID, immediately informing THE Supplier of the incident.

The Supplier assumes no responsibility towards the Member in relation to damages that may derive from unauthorized access by third parties


The participating user, once having received the appropriate access credentials following there registration via the web, will be able to proceed with the purchase of the products/services they are interested in, selecting them on the site and thus placing them in the “cart” until the conclusion of the sale. At the end of this phase, the user completes the transaction, proceeding with the payment of the amount indicated as consideration for the services requested: only then will the user receive a second email acknowledging the order, as well as the shipping of products and services purchased through the site.

Once the ordered kit has been delivered, the user should proceed according to the instructions

collect biological samples;
Following the execution of the diagnostic test, a report will be prepared which will be available in the area reserved for the user, of which they will receive notification by email and only after sending a token or password will he be able to access the intelligible version for recipients of the email and diagnostic data. The Supplier assumes no responsibility for sending a report to a different email address than the one declared and provided by the user.

Until the purchaser has received the confirmation e-mail, they have the right to proceed with the cancellation of the order by sending an e-mail to the Supplier’s address


The purchaser will be able to purchase the Products/Services indicated within the type and/or quantity indicated.

Buyers who are duly registered will be able to manage their “cart” even at different times (the products will remain inserted until canceled by the user). Once the laboratory as received the order, the system will automatically send a summary acknowledgment email of the order received, as well as the successful shipment of the purchased items.

The Laboratory will normally deliver the Products to the purchaser through trusted couriers and /or shippers, within and no later than 30 days. Delivery will take place within the necessary terms and times indicated in the kit shipment notice e-mail.

The delivery of the goods will take place in the place indicated by the buyer in the order. If the buyer is absent, a notice will be left with the information necessary to contact the courier or shipper to agree on the delivery method. In this case, the risk relating to the deterioration of the products is borne by the purchaser.

In any case, the risk of deterioration of the biological samples once collected is transferred to the purchaser if they don’t observe the instructions indicated in the package for collection and sending to the Laboratory, in case of non-compliance with the same the purchaser is not released from payment of the price and the Supplier does not guarantee the regular outcome of the execution of the diagnostic test requested.

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