Laboratory of molecular diagnostics and analysis of the intestinal microbiota

Laboratory tests for complex chronic inflammatory diseases

We are an analysis laboratory specialized in molecular diagnostics and intestinal microbiota tests. Our Focus is precision diagnostics, with this in mind we perform Metabolomics, Lipidomics, Genetics and Microbiology tests for the evaluation of chronic and degenerative diseases, inflammatory, deficiency and dysmetabolic states.

The long experience and constant research work allow us to be today a national point of reference for the multisystem diagnostic approach in the clinical diagnosis of chronic diseases and in the search for the imbalance at the origin of the diseases.

We also take advantage of partnerships with foreign laboratories for cutting-edge tests  in the diagnosis of latent and hidden microbial infections.


The Valsambro laboratory, through the latest generation of diagnostic tools and a highly professional staff coordinated by Dr. Carla Marzetti, aims to provide as many useful elements for clinical improvement. Our goal is to contribute to the recovery of people’s health by offering innovative and personalized diagnostic pathways, reliable and value-added diagnoses, according to a principle of excellence in patient service that we have always nurtured.

In the face of the increase in the average life span, we are working to make our contribution to an improvement in the quality of life of everyone and in particular by addressing those who suffer from chronic pathologies.

Although there are several factors that contribute to the onset of this class of disorders,  biochemical dysregulation is the common denominator on which inadequate metabolic/immune responses depend.


Our laboratory performs innovative analyzes and tests for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of complex chronic diseases.

Through them and with specific training events, we also take care of the training and updating of professionals interested in developing targeted treatments for their patients.

Our history

The Val Sambro Analysis Laboratory was founded in 1978 in San Benedetto Val di Sambro, a town in the Bolognese mountains. It opens as a sampling point, but soon becomes a reference analysis laboratory also for neighboring countries. Over the years it moved from the mountains to the city, acquiring more space, making it easier to reach even by patients from other cities and regions. Already since the 90s, Dr. Carla Marzetti, owner and Scientific Director of the laboratory, perceives the inadequacy of normal routine tests for those who are looking for adequate answers to complex health problems.

Thus you begin a path of research and study – which will become and is currently one of the hallmarks of the Val Sambro laboratory – which through courses and conferences abroad has made it possible to acquire increasingly profound skills of biological / biochemical mechanisms and epigenetic factors that regulate its evolution. Microbial infections, intestinal dysbiosis, nutritional deficiencies, environmental and endogenous toxic agents, emotional stress are the factors that can produce (depending on our personal predisposition) metabolic imbalances and over time degenerate into serious pathologies.

In the last 15 years, the Valsambro laboratory has invested heavily in research and development also on the technology front. Our analysis laboratory in Bologna is equipped with advanced technological tools and highly technical personnel.

Since 2016, the Valsambro laboratory has also been a polyclinic. At our facility it is possible to book consultations with our internal and external professionals who periodically visit us.

Our main tests:

  • Gut screening (evaluation of the intestinal microbiota)
  • Aromatogram (evaluation of the antimicrobial power of natural compounds)
  • Flogogut (intestinal inflammation evaluation + lipidomics)
  • Elispot   (Lyme disease)
  • Circulating tumor cell count (on solid tumors)
  • Lipidomics (evaluation of membrane fatty acids)
  • Genetics  (evaluation of polymorphisms on specific districts)
  • Genetics  (covid 19 exams)
  • Metabolomics (organic acid evaluation)
  • Metabolomics  (evaluation of amino acids)
  • Interleukins dosage
  • Salivary cortisol
  • Food intolerances (evaluation of adverse food reactions)
  • Hiperspectral microscopy (dynamic evaluation of peripheral blood)

To date, an ever-growing number of professionals (Doctors, Nutritionist Biologists, medical centres, polyclinics, pharmacies) make use of the tests of the Val Sambro Laboratory to offer cutting-edge diagnostic services to their patients.

The exams listed can also be used in service by sending a special kit.

Our values

The most important values are deeply rooted and shared within the company.
They are moral values, such as the sense of responsibility and the professionalism of individuals, which make the Valsambro laboratory a reliable and recognized company.
It is scientific values, such as research, innovation and quality that put the Valsambro laboratory at the forefront of improving itself.